Top online MBA Programs

Top online MBA Programs

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You can see top online MBA Program. Online MBA programs teach foundational business concepts through core courses like accounting, finance, and leadership. Students pursuing online MBA programs often continue their full-time employment while completing their studies, enjoying the benefits of a prestigious education without the hassle of moving to a new location.

MBA graduates can use their credentials to pursue advancement opportunities in a healthy job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 5% growth across all business and financial jobs between 2019 and 2029, exceeding the national average growth rate for all occupations. The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is one of the NCES’s key assets. IPEDS maintains a database of statistical information generated by triannual institutional surveys.

All postsecondary schools, including colleges, universities, technical schools, and vocational schools, must participate in IPEDS surveys to qualify for funding under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. Using NCES/IPEDS data optimizes the neutrality and integrity of the raw statistics we use in our ranking methodology for MBA programs. Before including a school in a ranking, our internal quality assurance team audits all institutional scores and performance indicators. If a school appears to merit inclusion but does not have enough available data, the school does not appear on our final list.

Top online MBA Programs list with University

Indiana University — Bloomington Kelley School of Business for online MBA Programs

➥ Perennially ranked at the top for online MBA programs, Indiana University Bloomington Kelly School of Business is “the only top tier program that was affordable and value-adding.” This top-ranking program offers flexible schedules, “a number of networking opportunities,” and devoted professors who “get it.” Professors use “quality materials,” give “personalized attention,” and are able to keep online students just as engaged as if they were physically sitting in the classroom. One student says, “The fact that the online faculty are the same professors who teach the in-person MBA courses is a huge plus, as the online program directly mirrors the physical program.” Online MBA students agree that IU professors are not “anything less than exceptional.

“There are times when I am actually overwhelmed by how organized my professors are. They are always on top of things, and the quality of teaching is exceptional,” says a student. They are able to break down concepts using “real-world business examples.”

School administration runs “a world-class on-campus week” and provides outstanding overall support to students. Another unique feature of the program is the option for students to earn dual masters degrees (MBA/MS). Though the majority of students who attend Kelley’s MBA program already have a background in business, one student states, “This was especially attractive to me, since I don’t have a business undergraduate degree.” While completing MBA coursework online “certainly puts time at a premium,” Kelley’s program definitely allows for “maximum flexibility without compromising on quality.”

At first glance, students may find the “rigorous coursework” daunting, however, the program is definitely made to accommodate adults with occupational and/or familial priorities. Students are able to watch recorded lectures, study and complete work at their convenience, and still find time for personal interests. “It truly is a program designed for people who have demanding full-time jobs and need to be able to manage their own time,” says a student.

Online classmates speak highly of one another, calling themselves “driven,” as well as “bright,” “professional,” and well-respected in their fields. Although they are highly ambitious, they are also “team players.”

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Kenan-Flagler Business School for online MBA Programs

The distinguishing features of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School online MBA@UNC program include flexibility, a strong core curriculum, and talented professors and students. The material covered in the program is “heavily invested in analytical skills” and is “also very big on leadership and management.”

Students have the option to earn their MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship, “which is not offered at most schools.” The format of the program is comprised of both synchronous and asynchronous material, which “holds students accountable,” as it “reinforces learning” and “makes students to engage with each other.” “What the student learns from the material is on the student.” MBA@UNC students enjoy having “the ability to have synchronous sessions with classmates and professors,” as well as the “opportunity to meet classmates every quarter (or more often) in person.”

“The rigor of the program is not lost through the use of an online platform”: The “live virtual classroom” gives students the feel of a traditional classroom with the convenience of being able to work from home or on the road. “Not needing to take a break in my career is a massive strength,” says one student. The program offers “the best combination of quality and convenience” for those with “career or family demands.” The faculty at UNC is “exceptional.”

“They are incredibly knowledgeable in their fields and are very approachable,” says a student. The faculty and administration truly want students to succeed and follow the “it takes a village notion” in order to make that happen. One student states, “I would say six out of eight professors have been excellent, and the non-excellent ones were still good. I have also felt consistently informed and aware of changes and happenings in the program from the administration.”

Not only are MBA@UNC students surrounded by outstanding faculty, they are also “surrounded by classmates from the most prestigious tiers of their respective specialties.” “There is a strong showing by current and post-military personnel,” as well as an assortment of other professionals with varying experiences and knowledge. One student states, “Each person brings a unique perspective to the table, which has helped me think differently about business and working with/leading groups of people.”

Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business for online MBA Programs

The Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Part-Time Online MBA offers students the opportunity to combine online classes with short on-site immersive "Access Weekends" held every two months at Carnegie Mellon locations throughout the United States.

Students say they choose the Tepper School Online MBA program because of its "flexibility," noting that "the online program offered me an opportunity to attend an outstanding MBA program while continuing to work." Students appreciate that the Online MBA program is "treated exactly the same as [Tepper's] full-time and part-time programs," including that it "provides the same curriculum and awards the same degree as its full-time program." These part-time students appreciate that "the program allows you to switch to full-time option." The faculty is not only "excellent" and "very knowledgeable" but also "easily accessible." Students appreciate that "the class size is small and courses are analytical;" however, they experience some "logistical" issues and would like more electives. Online classes use a variety of software and notably make ample use of Vidyo video conferencing for live instruction. The students enrolled come from "diverse cultural and professional backgrounds," such as pharmaceuticals, engineering, and technology.

Considered "very intelligent" and "successful," most students have a few years of work experience but are still young. They are regarded as "collaborative," "friendly," and "supportive." Every six weeks students meet in person for Access Weekends: "The immersion aspect is how I actually go to know my classmates and incoming classes." The general consensus was that "I felt very connected to the school and the program as a result of these weekend meetings." Though difficult, with the right prioritizing, most students found achieving a work-life balance possible.

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business for online MBA Programs

“Convenient, prestigious, and cutting-edge” are just some of the ways students describe the online MBA program at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The academic support of USC’s MBA program is “outstanding.” Although most students attend the program exclusively online, it still creates an impression that “feels very intimate and catered to the student.” The curriculum is “streamlined, organized, and helpful.” Students attending the online program “have never met a more talented group of professors.”

They are “incredibly engaged” and make themselves readily available “to meet or have a phone call at any time to discuss coursework.” The instructors respond promptly to “requests, questions, or concerns,” “provide candid feedback,” and “are flexible with deadlines and scheduling conflicts.” One student says, “I am amazed at the availability of the professors for office hours. For a couple of my classes, they met with me 1:1 to help me out with a couple of questions that I had in preparation for the final.” These “exceptional educators” also implement interdisciplinary lessons “to ensure full understanding of the semester’s coursework.”

One student boasts, “This program has shifted my perception on almost every topic we have discussed in a profoundly positive way.” Students also have access to members of a “very hands-on” administration that “address issues and concerns timely and organize networking events.” The administration also makes it a point to follow up with students often to make sure they “are on track and collect suggestions for each semester.” “Resources are readily available in a variety of outlets” to best meet the needs of each learner.

The school does its best to provide flexibility for those students with more than just graduate coursework on their plates. The program is “demanding but workable” and is “well worth the investment.” Fellow classmates are “very inclusive of one another” and are “always willing to help one another succeed.” Class discussions are “extremely meaningful.” Students learn as much from their peers as they do from the lectures themselves.


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