Best Screen Lock APK 2023

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Best Screen Lock APK 2023

APK: Best Screen Lock For Any Android Phone If friends, you also use an Android Phone and want to set a lock on it that cannot be opened by anyone. So today you are at the right place, today we are going to give you this information in this post, today we will tell you about such a great screen lock in this post, which is not in everyone's capability to open. 

Actually this lock is opened by the clock time of your phone, in which there is a special trick, which we will tell you further in details in this post. To know just stay with us in this post, let's start. Best Screen Lock For Any Android Phone Now friends, if you are also looking for 'Best Screen Lock For Any Android Phone', then today your search is over, today we have brought a very powerful screen lock for you in this post, which you can set on any of your Android smartphones. 

If you do then you will open the lock of your phone in a smart way. Please tell that in this screen lock it is not that once you have made the pin it will remain the same no it keeps on changing with the time if you set the setting of current time in this screen lock then your phone every minute Change will happen, which only you will know A Lock Screen app is a very light (apk file size less than 72kb) and convenient app that help you to lock your phone's screen easily without having you to press the hard Power button.

You will find it useful when:

  • You just want a quick and convenient way to lock screen immediately.
  • You don't want to always press hard power button to turn off / lock screen.
  • No Ads!

To uninstall Lock Screen app:

  • Go to phone's settings > Security > Device administrators > Uncheck Lock Screen.
  • Go to phone's Settings > Apps > Lock Screen > Tap uninstall.
  • This app uses the Device Administrator permission to lock your phone's screen.
  • Only available on Android P and newer: This app uses the new Accessibility Service APIs to lock your phone's screen without disabling the fingerprint on the lock screen. As result of using new APIs; new user permissions have to be included (i.e. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ).

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