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Motilal Oswal Research 360 App. The Motilal Oswal’s Research 360 App is a one-stop platform for investors to perform detailed technical and fundamental research. In a nutshell, this application is for financial stock market research and market analysis.

Overview of Motilal Oswal Research 360 App

The Research 360 Application provides a plethora of commendable features. One of the most impressive one includes tracking superstar investor portfolios of individuals, foreign institutions, and domestic institutions.

The Techno-Funda stock scanner offers remarkable benefits to mature investors. Here, you will find more than 200 scanners that are related to volume, price, technical and fundamental indicators, etc. The best feature of this application is that everything is conveniently gathered into one menu. Apart from technical stock analysis, this application lets you perform SWOT analysis as well. It enables you to check scores for stocks on valuation and quality for a 360° stock analysis. The application also helps you to perform F&O analysis and compare stocks.

This first-of-its-kind financial market research and analysis platform will enable you to make prudent trading and investment decisions. This can be done in multiple segments, including derivatives, equity, thematic & model portfolios, etc.

What to Expect from Research 360 App

Once you have access to the Research 360 App, you will get access to some remarkable features. You will have access to a heat map that will provide you with a quick overview of the F&O market. Furthermore, you will also learn how various stocks within the share market are performing in real time. When you have the stock screener at your disposal, you can seamlessly filter stock market graphs based on several criteria, including market capitalization, price, and lots more. Besides, the technical charts enable you to view stock prices in line chart format. This helps you to conduct comprehensive technical stock analysis.

Motilal Oswal’s Research 360 App for share market analysis also provides detailed stock reports. So, whenever you are searching for top gainer news, you can quickly generate a detailed stock report. Most importantly, the generated stock market report contains all relevant NSE indices and FII/DII data.
On the other hand, this share market application enables you to create custom watchlists. Thus, you can seamlessly track the stocks that interest you more. This application will also provide you with informative insights into NSE indices, stock quotes, and more. 

With this share market analysis application, you will find a fascinating feature of push notifications. This will always keep you posted regarding IPO, stock market news, and the top gainers of the stock market. This stock screener keeps you always updated regarding the latest FII/DII data, stock market graph, and much more. Another commendable feature of this stock screener is that you can keep track of the stock quotes of IPOs. So, with extensive market analysis, you can get deeper insights into their investment strategies.

Sometimes, you might have a keen interest in certain IPO stocks but being unsure about its worthiness, you probably need to think otherwise. Nevertheless, with this stock screener at your disposal, you can seamlessly check the ratings of an IPO. This will help you acquire a clear idea regarding its financial health and stock market performance.

How Can Motilal Oswald's Research 360 Benefit You? 

The Research 360 App is undoubtedly an extremely powerful tool that enables you to conduct market analysis and make informed decisions. Plenty of powerful technical analyzer tools might help you conduct market analysis. But, apart from allowing stock market analysis and providing news, this stock scanner lets you do other things as well. In a nutshell, you can seamlessly obtain market research recommendations that will help you choose the right stocks for investment.

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