AadhaarFaceRd Android App

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AadhaarFaceRd Android App 

AadhaarFaceRd: You can see this APK. This APK is very most useful for India people his Aadhaar card update in your mobile. So this app very most useful. This application enables secure capture of a live person image to perform Aadhaar face authentication.
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Any work related to Aadhaar card APK has to be rushed to the Aadhaar card center and if you forget any important documents related to your work, then the work will be delayed for a long time. A novel attempt has been made by the government to put an end to these hassles. 

AadhaarFaceRd Android App

Users can now confirm their identity through 'Face Authentication' at home. An app has been launched for this. The company has named it 'AadhaarFaceRd'. It has been launched by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Android users can download this app from Google Play Store. 

The app captures a person's face live for Aadhaar authentication with the help of 'face authentication' technology. 'Face Authentication' can be used for many Aadhaar authentication apps like birth certificate, ration distribution (PDS), CoWin vaccination application, scholarship scheme, farmer welfare schemes. UIDAI also tweeted about this on July 12.

You can use it you have to download 'AadhaarFaceRd' from Google Play Store. Then follow the guidelines given on the app and click on 'Proceed'. For face authentication, there should be lighting around your face and the background should also be clear.


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