Ayurvedic Remedies to ward off that Cold and Cough

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Ayurvedic Remedies to ward off that Cold and Cough

According to Ayurveda, imbalance in any of the three doshas i.e., vata, pitta, kapha can cause an ailment. In this case, an excess of Pitta and Kapha in the body causes nasal congestion and cough. 

Some ayurvedic remedies to manage your cold and cough:

1. Tulsi

In Ayurveda, Tulsi is known as "Mother Medicine of Nature" and "The Queen of Herbs". Tulsi leaves help improve the individual’s ability to fight against common cold as well as cough. 

How it works

Tulsi boosts the production of antibodies thereby preventing the onset of any infections. Tulsi has cough relieving properties. It helps soothe the airways by helping you cough out the sticky mucus

2. Honey

With loads of antimicrobial properties, honey is not only heavenly for your taste buds but also helps ease sore throat. It is an effective cough suppressant. 

How it works

Honey provides relief from chest congestion by loosening thick mucus and helping you to cough it out. This helps reduce wet cough. 

ઉધરસ-ખાંસી માટેના આયુર્વેદ ઉપચાર અહી ક્લિક કરો

3. Mulethi

Mulethi or Licorice, also known as “Sweet wood”, is an effective Ayurvedic herb for cough. Mulethi powder is useful in managing sore throat, cough and excessive production of mucus in the airway.

How it works

Mulethi has expectorant property. It thins and loosens the mucus inside the airways. This eases coughing and reduces congestion.

4. Ginger, Betel Leaves & Honey

To prepare this home remedy for cough, you will need 1 tsp ginger juice. Add 1 tsp honey to it. Third ingredient required is betel leaves. Pound and take out juice of betel leaves. Add 1 tsp betel leaves juice to the previous mixture and mix well. A powerful home remedy for cough is ready to use. You should add 1 tsp lukewarm water to it and drink it. You should take it 3 times a day. Don’t consume anything till half an hour.

5. Black Pepper, Turmeric, Milk & Honey

For this cough remedy, you will need the following ingredients: Milk, pepper power, turmeric powder, and honey. Take one glass of hot milk. Add 1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder, turmeric powder and honey to it. Mix it well and drink it twice a day for the best result.

6. Onion and Honey

Chop up an onion, extract the juice and mix it with some honey. Leave this mixture for about five hours and then use it as a cough syrup twice a day. Onion acts as a decongestant and soothes your airways. This is one of the effective home remedies for cough.

7. Ginger and Honey

Take a piece of fresh ginger, grate it and extract juice from it. Take about 2 teaspoons of ginger juice and add about 2 and 1/2 teaspoons of honey. Mix it well. Warm the mixture slightly. Let it warm for less than a minute, and then you can have it about three to four times a day for your wet cough. Home remedies for cough with ginger honey might take some time to take effect. Be patient.


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