3 Best Websites that Pay Writers $200 to $400 Per Article

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3 Best Websites that Pay Writers 

$200 to $400 Per Article

You can see now The backbone of any online business is content creation. As much as they will create verities of content they will earn money. Content marking is booming day by day and has a very bright future. Because still, only 40% users are on internet and numbers are increasing every year rapidly. 

So if you love writing or creating content then there is a very lucrative opportunity for you to earn money online by just writing articles for others. You can earn up to $200 to $400 for just one article.


As part of HuffPost's mission "to write for, and not just about, those left out of traditional power structures," HuffPost is seeking to elevate writers from a wide range of backgrounds, including those who are BIPOC, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and writers from other underrepresented communities. HuffPost publishes freelancer work across a wide range of topics. check the official website click here 

Sections for which we are currently accepting pitches are listed below. Before pitching, please take a look at the articles at the relevant links for each section to get a sense of the topics we've covered in the past. Pitches should include a working headline, two to three paragraphs that outline why you think the story matters, with some indication of how you plan to report and tell the story (e.g., sources, key characters or narrative events). Also tell us a little about who you are and why you're the right person to write this story, and please indicate whether your pitch is timely. 


Glad you asked! Diem is a new social universe built first for women and non-binary people. We're currently looking for stories for our publication, The Power Outlet, that cover the intersection of gender and power across verticals like technology, health, finance, relationships and culture. 

We're also looking for stories that examine the candid conversations that we have with each other—about friendships, birth control, toxic masculinity, burnout, harassment, chronic pain, big career moves, enthralling books, and everything in between. Every piece of content should convey our core ethos: Knowledge is power, so we’re passing it on.

Conversations with subject-matter experts. We publish interviews (Q&A style) with interesting folks that cover the “things we don’t talk about,” meaning the topics that are reserved to whisper networks or challenge existing power structures.

“Reconsider this” explainers. These cover the “things we’re not taught” when it comes to the gendered aspects of the world (i.e. wedding traditions, birth control, financial topics, etc.). These can take shape in multiple formats, including personal essays and reported stories.

Essays that respond to the news. What current events should we reexamine? What unsettling trends are happening in the news that have to do with gender, power, and the "things we don't talk about"? (i.e. Soccer’s underbelly of misogyny when the World Cup was happening).


The World's Largest Sexual Health Platform

We're here to help readers address their sexual health conditions, diseases and disorders; answer the questions about their bodies, stages of life and relationships; and adopt lifestyle changes and gain perspective on living with lifelong medical conditions which affect the most intimate parts of life. On the site, you’ll find expert-reviewed articles featuring a range of topics from prostate health and breast cancer to orgasms and relationships, all supplemented by features and essays, news and culture, interviews and more.

We want to help readers take control of their sexual health with illuminating content that will enhance their quality of life. Through your Giddy profile, follow the topics that are most relevant to you, and receive the latest news each day. Click here 

Whether you want to take charge of your sexual health, gain access to our doctors and specialists who can offer quick, reliable responses to your confidential issues, or deepen your intimacy with a partner, we’ll help you stay ahead of the information curve. Giddy is a home for all races, identities and sexualities to pose questions, find answers and be among friends.






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