What is Encrypt Device and Encrypt SD Card on android mobile ?

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What is Encrypt Device and Encrypt 

SD Card on android mobile ? 

Encrypting the data on your microSD card adds an extra layer of security. It locks the information on your SD card to your device in it's current state. If it's lost, stolen or removed, the files won't be read even if it is moved onto another device or computer.

It is important to remember to decrypt your microSD card before a Factory Data Reset, or if you are switching to a new phone. The data on your SD card will not be able to be read or decrypted after a reset or in another device. The only option to use the microSD card again is to wipe it completely.

 What is encryption of SD card means? 

πŸ‘‰ Today, most of the Android device offer option to encrypt SD card and here I explain what encryption of SD card means?

πŸ‘‰On your mobile device you can too encrypt your SD card, if your Android device offers ‘encrypt SD card’ feature then below follow the steps:

πŸ‘‰ On your phone go to Settings> Lock Screen and Security> Tap Encrypt SD card.

πŸ‘‰ Now after this nobody can have access to your files stored within the SD card, until and unless they have correct password to decrypt your SD card. It is very useful when you lost your phone or even when you do not want your friends to check your files stored within the card.

πŸ‘‰ But on the other hand, it is also very inconvenient. For every time when you try to access any files stored within the SD card, it will ask you to enter the password and hence it becomes very irritating. 

πŸ‘‰ Encrypting SD card means that your data on the SD card gets protected and nobody can access your file stored within the card, until and unless you provide the correct password to decrypt your SD card.

 πŸ‘‰On computer it becomes very easy to encrypt the whole drivers and folders so that non on gain access without a correct password. 

Does Android encrypt micro SD cards?

It can if you want it to. There are actually two different ways.

Android by defaults treats a MicroSD card as usually intended, a portable storage device that can work between different computers. As such, it will format or the card orvuse a pre-existing format of FAT32 (≤ 32GB)or exFAT (≥ 64GB) for interchange according to the SD specs. By default there's no encryption. However, you can switch on encryption, for all files or excluding multimedia files. 

How to Decrypt and Format Encrypted SD Card 

The other option is to set up the MicroSD card as Adopted Storage. This is only done for a card you intend to behave as a permanent part of your phone, as it essentially becomes an extension of your internal flash storage. Android will use the format (probably ext4) and encryption (probably 128-bit AES) that's used on internal flash memory. This option was introduced on Android 6 in 2016. And it can be disabled by your phone's manufacturer, but it is a standard part of Android.

Here are common simple steps for you to follow:

Step1. Open the Setting option of your android phone.

Step2. Select the Security option under the Settings interface.

Step3. Click Encrypt external SD card there.

Step4. Disable Encryption thereby following its guide.

Step5. Reboot your android phone at last.

Quick Guide to Format Encrypted SD Card

Remove your encrypted SD card from your Android phone or other devices, and connect it to PC. Then follow the quick guide here to decrypt and format the SD card to normally again:
  • 1. Press Windows+R keys and type "cmd" in the Run box.
  • 2. Profess the Enter key to open Command Prompt.
  • 3. Type disk part, then press the Enter key to bring up Disk Part.
  • 4. Type list disk to display all of the hard drives installed in the system.
  • 5. Enter select disk g at the prompt (g is the disk number of the encrypted SD card).
  • 6. Type clean all and then press the Enter key to decrypt SD card.
  • 7. Type create partition primary and hit Enter

How do I decrypt encoded SD card?

Encryption can add an extra layer of security for your files stored within the SD card. It locks your information on the SD card so that nobody can access to your files. You can decrypt the SD Card through Biometrics & security settings and run Disk part in CMD. Disk part utility will decrypt the SD card and erase all data on it. If you have some important files stored in it and didn’t back up, here we recommend you turn to the powerful data recovery software, Stellar Photo recovery software. This software can recover all your media files after deletion.



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