Std-3 Kalshor_Gujarati First Language Textbook pdf

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Std-3 Kalshor_Gujarati First Language

 Textbook pdf

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You can see Std-3 Kalshor_Gujarati First Language.pdf. All GCERT Book updated in last year. So all teacher and student most use full book. This book student use full book. 

Textbook Name:  Kalshor_Gujarati First Language

Language: Gujarati

Class: Standard -3

Published by: Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks (GSSTB)

Download Format: Online Mode and PDF Format File

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GSEB Textbook STD 3 Kalshor_Gujarati medium PDF

Many philosophers of science support Popper’s (1963) view that science can advance only through a string of what he called conjectures and refutations. In other words, Popper recommends that scientists should propose laws and theories as conjectures and then actively work to disprove or refute those ideas.

GCERT Textbook STD 3 Kalshor_Gujarati medium PDF

Popper suggests that the absence of contrary evidence, demonstrated through an active program of refutation, will provide the best support available. It may seem like a strange way of thinking about verification, but the absence of disproof is considered support. There is one major problem with the idea of conjecture and refutation. Popper seems to have proposed it as a recommendation for scientists, not as a description of what scientists do. 

GSEB STD 3 Textbook PDF Download 2022

From a philosophical perspective the idea is sound, but there are no indications that scientists actively practice programs to search for disconfirming evidence. Another aspect of the inability of scientists to be objective is found in theoryladen observation, a psychological notion (Hodson, 1986). Scientists, like all observers, hold myriad preconceptions and biases about the way the world operates. These notions, held in the subconscious, affect the ability of everyone to make observations. It is impossible to collect and interpret facts without any bias. 

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There have been countless cases in the history of science in which scientists have failed to include particular observations in their final reports. This occurs, not because of fraud or deceit, but because of the prior knowledge possessed by the individual. 

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Certain facts either were not Seen at all or were deemed unimportant based on the scientists' prior expectations. In earlier discussions of induction, we postulated that two individuals reviewing the same data would not be expected to reach the same conclusions. Not only does individual creativity play a role, but the issue of personal theory-laden observation further complicates the situation.

Std-3 Kalshor_Gujarati First Language Textbook pdf

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