Std-2 Kallol_Gujarati-Environment_Gujarati Medium Textbook pdf

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Std-2 Kallol_Gujarati-Environment_Gujarati

 Medium Textbook pdf

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You can see Std-2 Kallol_Gujarati-Environment_Gujarati Medium.pdf. All GCERT Book updated in last year. So all teacher and student most use full book. This book student use full book. 

Textbook Name: Std-2 Kallol_Gujarati-Environment_

Language: Gujarati

Class: Standard -2

Published by: Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks (GSSTB)

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Scientists were simply not ready to embrace a notion so contrary to the traditional teachings of their discipline. Continental drift was finally accepted in the 1960's with the proposal of a mechanism or theory to explain how continental plates move (Hallam, 1975 and Mendard, 1986). This fundamental change in the earth sciences, called a revolution by Kuhn, might have occurred decades earlier had it not been for the strength of the prevailing paradigm. 

Gujarati Medium Textbook pdf download

It would be misleading to conclude a discussion of scientific paradigms on a negative note. Although the examples provided do show the contrary aspects associated with paradigm-fixity, Kuhn would likely argue that the blinders created by allegiance to the paradigm help keep scientists on track. His review of the history of science demonstrates that paradigms are responsible for far more successes in science than delays. 

Throughout their school science careers, students are encouraged to associate science with experimentation. Virtually all hands-on experiences that students have in science class are called experiments even if they would more accurately be labeled as technical procedures, explorations or activities. 

GSEB Class 2  Kallol_Gujarati-Environment

True experiments involve carefully orchestrated procedures accompanied by control and test groups. Usually experiments have as a primary goal the establishment of a cause and effect relationship. Of course, true experimentation is a useful tool in science, but is not the sole route to knowledge. Many noteworthy scientists have used non-experimental techniques to advance knowledge. In fact, in a number of science disciplines, true experimentation is not possible because of the inability to control variables. 

GSEB STD 2 Textbook 2022

Many fundamental discoveries in astronomy are based on extensive observations rather than experiments. Copernicus and Kepler changed our view of the solar system using observational evidence derived from lengthy and detailed observations frequently contributed by other scientists, but neither performed experiments. Charles Darwin’s investigatory regime was frequently more similar to qualitative techniques used in the social sciences than the experimental techniques associated with the natural sciences.

Std-2 Kallol_Gujarati-Environment_Gujarati Medium Textbook pdf

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