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You can see STD 08 All SUBJECT GCERT TEXTBOOK PDF DOWNLOAD. All GCERT Book updated in last year.

GSEB Std 8 Textbook PDF Download 2022 

There was general agreement that science was a good thing, that it was a cognitive enterprise abiding by intellectual standards, that it valued objectivity, that it sought to find truths about the world, and that it gave us the best possible understanding of nature and reality. And the epistemological assumptions, or commitments, underlying various ‘nature of science’ tests have been identified and criticized by Lederman, Wade and Bell in this volume and by othe(Lucas, 1975; Doran, Guerin & Cavalieri, 1974; Rubba & Anderson, 1978). 

GCERT Std 8 Text Book Download

Nature of science questions are becoming, at the end of the century, perhaps more pressing than they were during the period from Mach to Martin. During those one hundred years there was a degree of cultural and philosophical unanimity about the nature and purpose of science. Of course there was some dispute about the topic – inductivists versus falsificationists, positivists versus realists, Kuhnians versus Popperians, empiricists versus rationalists, Bernalian state-interventionists versus Polanyian free-enterprisers, etc. – but these disputes were basically domestic ones.  Robert Merton’s characterization of science as: open minded, universalist, disinterested and communal (Merton 1942) summed up professional and lay opinion on the matter. 

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Anyone who has been reading anything of the ‘Science Wars’ that have been raging in professional journals and the popular press, will know that times have changed concerning this hitherto cultural agreement about science. (If you have missed the war and want to catch up, see Gross and Levitt 1994; Gross, Levitt and Lewis 1996.) 

STD 08 Textbook PDF 

A well known Canadian science educator, Glen Aikenhead, has recently stated, ‘the social studies of science’ reveal science as: mechanistic, materialist, reductionist, empirical, rational, decontextualized, mathematically idealized, communal,ideological,masculine, elitist,competitive, exploitive,impersonal,andviolent. (Aikenhead 1997, p. 220) The contrast with Dewey, Merton, and the orthodox tradition, is palpable. Times certainly have changed. And science teachers, and science educators (the teachers of the teachers), are caught up in the war.

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