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You can see STD 07 All SUBJECT GCERT TEXTBOOK PDF DOWNLOAD. All GCERT Book updated in last year. Such complexities are fundamental to specialists in the social studies of science, but these recommendations are for K-12 science students—not future philosophers of science. 

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Where consensus does not exist, science teachers should present a plurality of views. As Matthews, (1997) argues, the purpose of nature of science education is not to indoctrinate, but to address reasons for accepting a particular position. Chapter 2 provides a full elucidation of the variety of nature of science elements and the degree of consensus, but here in Table I the most prevalent issues are illustrated. 

GCERT Std 7 Text Book Download

Although at that time the phrase “understanding the nature of science” was not clearly stated, some elements and characteristics of science were noted as goals worth pursuing in science teaching. For example, Lederman, (1992) reported that the Central Association of Science and Math Teachers in 1907 strongly emphasized the scientific method and processes of science in science teaching. 

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Hodson, (1991) cites Dewey’s 1916 argument that understanding scientific method is more important than the acquisition of scientific knowledge. Jaffe, (1938) in his high school textbook New World of Chemistry listed nature of science objectives such as a willingness to swing judgment while experiments are in progress, willingness to abandon a theory in light of new evidence, and knowledge that scientific laws may not be the ultimate truth.

STD 07 Textbook PDF 

Advocacy for students’ understanding of science and its nature can be traced back to the early years of this century. Knowing who the recommendations are for and the degree of sophistication appropriate for that target group is an important consideration when crafting nature of science standards. Moreover, the image of science emerging from the social studies of science is sufficiently robust that science educators can move forward with confidence and provide a more realistic picture of the strengths and limitations of this thing called science. (Smith et al., In press). 

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