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You can see STD 06 All SUBJECT GCERT TEXTBOOK PDF DOWNLOAD. All GCERT Book updated in last year. Significantly missing in this decision-making process was any consideration to the nature or role of scientific theories or structure of the subject matter. 

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In 1992, Lederman used this conclusion as evidence against the presumed relationship between teachers’ conception and their teaching behavior. Lederman reported "the nature and role of scientific theories are not integral components in the constellation of influences affecting teachers’ education decisions". 

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However, Duschl and Wright pointed out that none of the teachers held contemporary views about the nature of science. They reasoned that "the lack of consideration for an accurate portrayal of the cognitive activities of science can be explained by teacher’s lack of knowledge about the nature of science" (p. 493). Hence, if those teachers had been informed about the most fundamental issues in the nature of science, then these new views may have influenced teachers’ decision making. 

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They indicated that heavy emphasis is typically placed on memorizing the vocabulary of science with limited weight on matters related to the nature of science, and that this is related to the fact that “teacher’s knowledge of science is limited to the body of knowledge of science” (p. 125). In spite of some views to the contrary, we take the position from this overview of research that science teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the nature of science do influence the teachers’ classroom behaviors. 

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That is, without explicitly thinking about such things, teachers consider the nature of what they perceive their discipline to be and those views are translated in ways they themselves may find surprising. Moreover, the influence of a subject matter understanding on teachers’ behavior is not limited to science education. For example, in mathematics, Thompson, (1982) found that teachers’ conception of the nature and structure of mathematics influence their behavior.

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