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Live Darshan Shree KasthBhanjandev Hanumanji Mandir Salangpur 

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The number of distance education courses, degree programs, and enrollment in the US nearly doubled from 1995 to 1998 (US Department of Education, 1999). As universities provide more courses online, possibly to a different population of students, it is important to assess the perceived needs of learners and potential learners. In the field of technology education, some (e.g. Davis, 2000, Ndahi, 1999) have studied university distance education programs, but a characterization of potential learners and their needs has not been performed. 

The goal of this article is to inform those considering offering online technology education, especially at the graduate level, of the perceived need for and appeal of online educational opportunities in technology education, as discovered through a needs assessment survey. An educational needs assessment “has been increasingly recognized as a necessary part of curriculum design” (Pratt, 1980, p.79). Stewart and Cuffman (1998) noted that, “the integration of needs assessment as part of a total distance education system should benefit all stakeholders (e.g., faculty, administrators, students).” Needs assessments in other areas, such as engineering education (Rutz, 2000), have provided direction for the design of distance learning. 

As university level technology education programs begin to offer more online classes and degree programs, some current face-to-face technology education professors may be in the position of developing online offerings. Because online education can overcome some traditional barriers related to time and place, there may be special interest in the development of online graduate programs that could serve professionals who might find it a better option than leaving their work and home.

to establish residency at a university. Planning instruction for a new group of students using a new delivery method should be informed by the perceived needs and preferences of the target population.

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