Multi-Purpose Health Worker Examination Schedule 2022

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Multi-Purpose Health Worker 

Examination Schedule 2022

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The questionnaire also assessed respondents’ interests in educational enrichment in regard to the newly released ITEA content standards (ITEA, 2000). The newly identified content areas within technology education such as medical technologies and technology assessment were expected to spark much interest since there have been few educational opportunities in these areas. Interest in these areas were expected to be higher than manufacturing and construction which have long been a part of the curriculum. 

To assess this interest, some of the twenty areas identified by the ITEA standards document were combined, resulting in a sixteen-part survey question. A seventeenth content area related to usability was added to this list. As indicated in Table 3, the areas related to ITEA content standards that received the most interest were “information and communication” (3.52) and “technological design” (3.50). 

Those ranking the lowest were “agricultural and biotechnologies” and “medical technologies,” with means of 2.84 and 2.74, respectively. This indicates an interest among the respondents between “little” and “moderate.” The overall mean for all seventeen items related to ITEA content standards, indicate a moderate interest in all content areas, warranting attention by those providing courses and workshops. Technology education professionals who are potential students would be well served if ITEA coordinated and facilitated access to education in these areas. 

This would also serve the needs of this association in ensuring that the content standards are understood and applied. Some of the more traditional areas received greater interest than some of the newer areas, as seen by comparing means for “manufacturing technologies” and “construction technologies” with those of “agricultural and biotechnologies” and “medical technologies.” However, there are multiple reasons why a respondent might indicate a relatively low need. 

If an area is thought to be important, but the individual is well versed in the area, there might be little perceived need. Likewise, if an area is thought to be unimportant or irrelevant, whether or not the individual has studied the area, there might be little perceived need.

Multi-Purpose Health Worker Examination Schedule 2022

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