Karkirdi Margdarshan 2022 Download PDF in Gujarati

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Karkirdi Margdarshan 2022 

Download PDF in Gujarati

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The variation in benefits among fields of study has been confirmed in several states, with more detail than is available in national data. The benefits of small amounts of community college remain unclear (as they are for national results), partly because comparisons with individuals completing high school only are usually unavailable; in some cases non-completers appear to benefit more than those completing credentials do, though as in the North Carolina results this pattern may reflect experienced workers seeking upgrade training. 

Many of the state results indicate that the benefits materialize relatively quickly, within three years of leaving education though the long-run effects may be even greater, as the results in Table 22 from North Carolina suggest. In some states, the data also clarify the relatively low rates of completion in community colleges and other sub-baccalaureate programs, though so far there has been little made of this finding because it is politically sensitive. 

Gujarat Rojgar Samachar Karkirdi Margdarshan 2022

Furthermore, state-generated data can be used for purposes other than determining the results for particular programs: the ability to compare different postsecondary programs, as Washington has done, or to examine the transitions among different kinds of postsecondary education (and into prisons and welfare), as in Florida, is possible when states develop UI data for all programs within a state. Of course, it is not difficult for a hard-nosed statistician to critique these results. 

Karkirdi Margdarshan 2021 pdf download

They may reflect variation in motivation, or ability, or labor market experience; the substantial differences between the experiences of men and women are not reflected in these numbers (though they could easily have been differentiated); other dimensions of family background, or race and ethnicity, or ability or high school achievement are largely missing, or are not even considered even in cases (like California) where such data are available; and patterns evident shortly after leaving education may vanish in subsequent years. 

Gujarat Rojgar Samachar Karkirdi Margdarshan 2022

In addition, since data are available for all community colleges in a state, an analysis of the variation among colleges could examine the effect of local economic conditions and employment composition on the economic benefits of community colleges. Much more precise analyses could be performed with these state data, either by using more detailed breakdowns of students or by performing simple regression analyses. Furthermore, adding data on student characteristics that many colleges already have in their records would increase the power of these results considerably.

Karkirdi Margdarshan 2022 Download PDF in Gujarati

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