HEAD CLERK CLASS-3 Result PDF Download 2022 ADVT. NO. 190/202021

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Result PDF Download 2022 

ADVT. NO. 190/202021 

Likelihood of Taking a College Course. When asked, “How likely are you to take college courses over the next 3 years?”, 37% (339 of 916) of the respondents indicated they were “certain” to take a college course, and 19% indicated this was “likely.” 

Although these figures (from this self-selected survey sample) may not be generalizable to a larger population, there is a distinct indication of the need for college courses, whether online or not. 

As illustrated in Table 4, there is greater likelihood that a respondent will take a continuing education course or workshop rather than a college course at any of the three levels listed. Respondents were least likely to take an undergraduate class. This is not surprising, considering only 5% of survey respondents indicated that high school or an associate’s degree was their highest level of education.

The next group of questionnaire items attempted to determine the appeal of different structures for online courses, perceived obstacles and benefits, advertising opportunities, and the appeal of teaching online. Relative Appeal of Online and On-Campus Classes. Respondents were asked, “How appealing is each of the following to you?” 

They were then presented with two items, each with its own 5-point Likert-type scale. The items were “Taking a standard on-campus class” and “Taking an online class.” The Likert-type scale headings, coded 1 to 5, ranged from “very unappealing” to “very appealing.” On that scale, the average appeal of taking an online class (3.54, n = 909) slightly exceeded the average appeal of taking an on-campus class (3.15, n = 901). 

Both means were situated between “50/50” and “appealing.” Respondents who had previously taken an online course reported greater appeal of online classes (3.32, n = 136) than did those who had not.

HEAD CLERK CLASS-3 Result PDF Download 2022 ADVT. NO. 190/202021 

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