HEAD CLERK CLASS-3 Computer Test Time Table PDF Download 2022 ADVT. NO. 190/202021

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Computer Test Time Table 

PDF Download  2022 ADVT. NO. 190/202021 

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You can see HEAD CLERK CLASS-3 Computer Test Time Table PDF Download  2022 ADVT. NO. 190/202021. Furthermore, although survey research assumes that respondents reply honestly, it is possible that regardless of a respondent’s expertise or need, this list of seventeen items was seen as an opportunity to “cast a vote” regarding the importance of certain content areas in technology education. A rather large number of respondents seemed to recognize no personal learning need that could be met by taking a course or workshop. 

This is surprising considering that the respondents were professionally involved in education. This view, which was most prevalent in respondents with doctorates, those that have fulfilled job requirements for education, and those near retirement, is contrary to the notion of life-long learning and continued professional development. 

Need for Online Technology Education. Two Likert-type questions asked respondents for their general opinion on the need for online technology education. The first question in this area asked: “How much of a need do you think there is for online education in technology education (above the highschool level)?” The points on the scale were coded with numbers 1 representing “no need” to 5 representing “great need.”

From the responses to this item, a mean of 3.81 resulted. Sixty-three percent chose the top two levels, and 30% chose "great need," whereas only 1% chose "no need." This level of perceived need is noteworthy and indicates an opportunity for universities considering offering online education. Possibly contributing to this perceived need is the current shortage of technology teachers and the perception that distance education can overcome previous obstacles. 

A similar question asked respondents, “How much of a need is there for online technology education for students in grades K-12?” The mean of 891 responses was 3.49, based on the same 5-point scale. This could indicate further opportunities for online curriculum developers interested in reaching K-12 students.


Computer Test Time Table PDF Download 2022 Link 

ADVT. NO. 190/202021 

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