GPSSB Statistical Assistant Question Paper PDF Download

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GPSSB Statistical Assistant Question Paper PDF Download

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You can see GPSSB Statistical Assistant Question Paper PDF Download 2022 Washington proposed using these data to monitor a requirement that graduates of all programs earn at least $12 an hour. 

However, while such a target is feasible for health and computer-related programs, it is almost impossible for those occupations in agriculture, early childhood education and personal services, or for colleges in rural areas. Programs for welfare recipients were also afraid that they could not meet this target. 

(A method based on regression adjustmentssuch as that used in some states to adjust JTPA performance standardscould develop standards that vary by occupational area, region, and composition of programs or colleges.) The outcry from local colleges forced the state to rescind the requirement. 

This incident illustrates perfectly the pitfalls in establishing outcome standards: with so much variation among colleges, among occupational areas, and among students, any simple standard is likely to be impossible to meet. Florida has gone further than any other state in adopting market-like mechanisms to guide its education and training programs (Grubb et al., 1999). 

One strand of this strategy has been FETPIP, the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program, which includes data on every kind of public education. It can therefore be used to track the progression of students throughout the system. For example, some results indicate that the Associate of Arts degree facilitates transfer to four-year colleges, since four years later 46.9 percent of individuals in the 1990-91 cohort with an A.A. had earned a B.A.; but no other kind of schooling was effective in promoting transfer. Furthermore, the results indicate some serious problems in progression through the state's system. For example, of those who had earned some community college vocational credits in 1990-91, only 4 percent had attained a ciedential four years later; completion rates were similarly small for those who earned credits in district postsecondary programs. Results like those can identify possible bottlenecks in a state's postsecondary system.

Advt. No. GPSSB/202021/06

Posts Name: Statistical Assistant

Exam Date: 30-04-2022

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