Forrest Result Cut of Mark Patrak District Wise 2022 Download PDF

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Forrest Result Cut of Mark Patrak District

 Wise 2022 Download PDF  

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You can see Forrest Result Cut of Mark Patrak 2022 Download PDF. Although the reader is cautioned against generalizing these survey results to a larger population, it is worth noting that at a minimum, 505 ITEA members (or at least one in seven) found the idea of taking an online course appealing or very appealing. 

Preference for Different Course Logistics. Educational opportunities can be structured in a variety of ways. 

It might be that the traditional, three-credit, fifteen-week college course on a fixed calendar is not always the best structure for online educational offerings. It was suspected that shorter, 1-credit courses might be more attractive due to decreased demands on a student’s time. Using a format similar to the previous questionnaire item, respondents were asked to rate the appeal of a 1-credit and a 3-credit class. Within this survey sample, 3-credit courses seemed to be slightly more appealing (mean = 3.62, n = 900) than 1-credit courses (mean = 3.23, n = 886), although the means for both were situated between “50/50” and “Appealing.” The flexibility of 1-credit offerings was anticipated to increase appeal, but this was not found to be the case. The greater appeal of 3-credit courses might be due somewhat to tradition but also to the need of teachers to take courses that fulfill their districts or degree’s requirements. 

Course length is another factor to consider in structuring online courses. Respondents were asked to “indicate the ideal number of weeks you would suggest for a 3 credit online course (between 1 and 15 weeks).” Presenting the mean recommended course length (mean = 8.84 weeks, n = 852) does notadequately describe responses. The top choice was 10 weeks (145 respondents), followed by 15, 6, 8 and 12 weeks. 

Yet, 194 respondents indicated an ideal time less than six weeks. Universities should consider offering online courses that differ from the length of their traditional courses. Another logistical factor in course design concerns the course calendar. A questionnaire item asked the following: “Some distance education classes require students to complete the assignments according to a fixed calendar, while others are self-paced. Which would you prefer?” They were then presented three choices: “Fixed calendar,” “Self-paced,” and “Undecided/ Depends on Content.”

Forrest Result 

Cut of Mark Patrak District Wise 2022 

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