Female Health Worker Examination Schedule 2022

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Female Health Worker 

Examination Schedule 2022

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Future Coursework Required. Is there a job-related need for future coursework? Sixty-five percent of the respondents indicated such a need. The greatest need (36%, n = 336) was for continuing education credits. 

Such credits are not necessarily graduate or undergraduate college credits but typically include approved workshops and other training opportunities. Ten percent of the respondents indicated a requirement of one course or less per year, and seven percent indicated the need to finish another degree. Provision was made on the instrument for respondents to write their requirements for continuing education. 

A wide variety of required coursework was indicated, due largely to the variability in state requirements. Examples included, “100 workshop credits every 3 years minimum;” “2-4 courses / 5 yr for MA recertification;” and “1 class every 5 years.” This variety can be seen as an opportunity for online education that spans geographic boundaries. Content Areas of Interest. Several questions were included on the survey to determine the respondents’ interests in different content areas. The first of these asked the respondent how much interest he or she has in taking a course or workshop (not necessarily online) on each of the five topics shown in Table 2. 

A five-point Likert-type scale was used with the following scale category descriptions: None – Little – Moderate – Much – Great. The mean level of interest was between “moderate” and “much” for all five areas, with the greatest reported interest in courses or workshops dealing with “activities to teach about technology.” For each topic, moderate to great interest was indicated by 71% to 90% of the respondents. 

However, this level of interest varied by the educational level of the respondent. For example, “Teaching methods and student management” ranked the lowest of the five, but for respondents whose highest degree was an associate’s, (n = 17), it ranked third; for respondents indicating high school as their highest level (n = 29), it ranked first. Is there a need to provide education on teaching methods and student management? Yes, but with the current survey sample this need is more acute with pre-baccalaureate teachers, as might be expected.

Female Health Worker Examination Schedule 2022

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