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If funding patterns, or institutional incentives, or student behavior are inappropriate that is, if they make it difficult for students to realize their goals, or contribute to reduced completion, or lower the economic benefits then data about employment Outcomes can reveal these problems and prompt state policy-makers and local administrators to take steps to resolve them. 

Such use of data is part of making institutions self-conscious about their effectiveness and becoming self-reforming institutions. As a vice-president for instruction in one particularly innovative community college replied, when we asked what the institution did to improve instruction

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Therefore the returns to sub-baccalaureate education relative to a high school diploma might increase during recessions because of these employment effects, though its value relative to a baccalaureate degree would decrease. We already know that enrollments increase during recessions, because opportunity costs of attending community college decrease (e.g., Betts & McFarland, 1992), but there might be cyclical effects on the employment side as well. However, no one has yet examined these potential influences for sub-baccalaureate education: chin addition, the state of the local labor market might affect returns to sub baccalaureate education. 

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Handshake (1973, 1981) determined that the returns to schooling vary substantially across geographic areas.xlin If the sub-baccalaureate labor market is relatively local, then any differentials in returns to schooling will persist more for middling levels of education than for higher levels, and regional shortages and surpluses in certain occupations may also persist in addition to wage differentials. To my knowledge, however, no one has investigated the patterns among local labor markets since Handshake. Particularly if states move to use wages and placement rates to measure effectiveness among colleges located in distinctly different economic regions, it will be necessary to understand more clearly the effects of local economic conditions much better. 

What about the future? Labor market projections suggest that sub baccalaureate education will continue growing though not as quickly as baccalaureate and graduate education as part of the longer-run process of educational inflation (or educational advancement) that has taken place throughout this century. 

GSEB SSC & HSC Duplicate Mark sheet online

It is likely that much of this growth will come from students who fail to complete either two- or four-year colleges, particularly if current patterns continue: the deterioration of secondary schools increasing the numbers of unprepared students entering postsecondary education; the hostility toward providing remedial education; the shift toward distance education and computer-based methods providing little support for students who are not already independent; the tendency for public colleges to become overcrowded and make it difficult for students to get the necessary coursework; the reduction in funding for tutoring, financial aid offices, placement offices, and other forms of student support as community colleges face stagnant funding with increasing numbers of underprepared students. In many ways, the future of sub-baccalaureate education does not seem particularly bright.

However, information about effectiveness including both national studies as well as the developing state and local results provides a way of understanding what is happening in our postsecondary institutions, of identifying the successes as well as the problems to be remedied. 

Download Duplicate Mark sheet of GSEB SSC & HSC 

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