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Color Vision Test Book 

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You can see Color Vision Test Book PDF download. For these, and other obstacles, solutions may be possible. Varying course length and timing may successfully overcome some individuals’ “time requirements” obstacles, while better publicizing online course offerings may help overcome the inability of potential students to locate a course they want. 

Other obstacles noted in a comments section tended to be related to: ignorance (“Never given it much thought!”); apathy (“Need no longer exists. Ihave enough credits”); personal characteristics (“Need structure of classroom”); computer issues (“I am slow at keyboard”); and questions of quality (“Poor quality of instruction”). 

However, it should be noted that these are perceived obstacles, and students who enroll in online education may soon overcome a previously perceived obstacle. For example, Wells (2000) found that by the midpoint of an online course, “the anxiety surrounding the course requirements and gaining the necessary enabling skills were mitigated.” Degree Program Interest. A survey item asked, “If you were to begin an online college degree program, in which level would you be most interested?” Respondents chose the “master’s” level (287 respondents, 38% of n = 761) as most appealing, followed by the “doctoral” level (30%) and “continuing education credit” (27%). 

As would be expected from the educational level of respondents, relatively little interest was shown in an undergraduate degree. A second question (n = 686) in this area asked, “If you were to begin an online college degree program, in which area would you be most interested?” A clear favorite here was “Technology Education” (69%), over the alternatives of “Educational Administration” (25%) and “Curriculum and Instruction” (20%). 

Most Attractive Aspects on Online Courses. In an open-response question, respondents were asked, “What is the most attractive aspect of taking an online course?”  The quantity of responses to this item was high (n = 765), but the variety of responses was not. By far, the most common responses concerned convenience, which seemed to be partitioned between not having to travel, and the flexibility to work at one’s own schedule.  This corroborates the work of Thompson (1998) who noted that, “Traditionally, distance education has attracted students whose geographic distance from a higher education institution discouraged or prevented enrollment in on-campus classes” (p. 12.).

Color Vision Test Book PDF download 

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