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Birds Voice Amazing Video Very Interesting 

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However, some respondents indicated that the self-pacing of online education is appealing. (This points out a preconception among some that online education is necessarily self-paced, in spite of examples to the contrary.) Least Attractive Aspects of Online Courses. In a parallel item, respondents were asked, “What is the least attractive aspect of taking an online course?” The number of responses to this item was once again great (n = 726), but the variety was greater than the previous item. 

Most significantly, however, is the need to overcome the belief that online courses do not include interpersonal contact. Ignorance and misconceptions about what an online course entails may pose a problem in analyzing the results of this item. Anderson (1997-1998) noted that typical students who take their first online course are often unaccustomed to the instructional techniques and mistakenly assume a passive role. It is not feasible to use an online course to overcome such misconceptions if they pose a significant obstacle to enrolling in an online course. Instead, universities and others should educate potential students about what it is like to take an online course.

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