Google One India Plans & Prices You Can Check Out as Photos' Free Unlimited Storage

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Google One India Plans & Prices You

 Can Check Out as Photos' Free 

Unlimited Storage

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You can see Google Photos users will lose the free storage they have been enjoying for the past few years by the end of this month. Starting June 1, the company says that the platform will stop supporting free photos and videos backup - a development first announced last year. 


Google had explained that all “High-quality" images or videos that users upload on Google Photos would be counted towards the Google Drive storage limit of 15GB. 

We have previously covered you can download images and videos from the platform to your PC or laptop. Today, we will talk about the Google One subscription that ensures you keep using Photos and other services without worrying about the storage but by paying a premium. First of all, come June 1, Google will count data from all its services such as Gmail, Drive, Photos, and more into the allocated free 15GB of storage. The Google One comes with a subscription plan from the base 100GB plan to 30TB of cloud storage. 

It is similar to Apple One membership but with fewer extra benefits. All premium plans let you access Google experts, add family members for sharing, and enjoy “extra member benefits." 

In select regions excluding India, users also get access to the Google VPN service. Starting with the base 100GB Google One plan, customers can either spend Rs 149 monthly or Rs 1,499 annually. 

The 200GB plan costs Rs 219 per month and Rs 2,199 per year. 

The next is the 2TB plan that costs Rs 749 per month and Rs 7,500 per year. 

The above plans are reflecting on the Google One app for iOS whereas, the website shows the three plans relatively cheaper. 

The base 100GB is shown at Rs 130 per month and Rs 1,300 per year. 

Whereas, the 200GB plan is shown at Rs 210 per month and 2,100 per year, and the 2TB plan carries a price tag of Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,500 per year.

Google also offers 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB plans at a monthly rent of Rs 3,249, Rs 6,500, and Rs 9,700, respectively. These three plans are available via the app

The Google One app also lets users manage backup and storage per app and platform wise. 

Users can also use support from Google via the app.

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