Helen McCrory: Actress Died #16 April 2021

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Helen McCrory: 

Actress Died

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Born 17 August 1968 Paddington, London, England

Died 16 April 2021 (aged 52) Tufnell Park, London, England

This does not sound the most auspicious start to casting, however, McCrory’s depiction of Medea is successful and she believably conveys the tragedy of a woman who has lost almost everything at the start of the play and is willing to deliberately deprive herself of the little she has left in order to stay true to her beliefs and defend herself, retaining her dignity when all else has been taken from her. When she was offered the part of Medea, Helen McCrory admitted “I had never read it and I’d never seen it” but “it always sounds wonderful if they say you are playing the title of the play.”  

McCrory has said that Greek plays, when adapted into English, should “allow the audience to contemplate what happens when people who are highly intelligent are disenfranchised. If you don’t include people in society the only way they can express themselves is criminally and against society” 2 or, in the case of Medea, emotionally against herself and her ex-husband.

The play opens with in the domestic setting of a living room where two boys are lying on the floor in sleeping bags watching TV. They play with plastic dinosaurs and Transformers; these are Medea’s two boys. The modern setting and clothes chosen by the director, Carrie Cracknell, serve to illustrate to the audience that there are more similarities than differences between this household and those of its watchers. In this way the distancing between audience and subject, often experienced in a classically dressed or more timeless production, is removed. This environment is a recognisable one close to home.