About All Info: Donovan Mitchell

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About All Info: Donovan Mitchell

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You can see all info Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell was born on September 7, 1996, to parents Donovan Sr. and Nicole in Elmsford, New York. His mother, who is of Panamanian descent, is a teacher and his father is a former Minor League Baseball player. With his father serving as a director of players relations for the New York Mets, Mitchell spent his childhood around Major League Baseball locker rooms. 


At seven years old, he looked up to star pitcher of the Mets' minor-league system Scott Kazmir and later to David Wright, who was the first poster he hung on his wall. Mitchell has one younger sister named Jordan. He played AAU basketball for both The City and the Riverside Hawks programs out of New York City. In 2010, Mitchell was present at the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich when LeBron James announced to the world his decision to sign with the Miami Heat.

Mitchell played basketball for the University of Louisville and was drafted 13th by the Utah Jazz in 2017. He was an immediate fan favorite and became an NBA All-Star. Currently the Utah Jazz have the best record in the NBA. "The commencement speaker is invited by the president in consultation with students, trustees and the administration," according to a press release from the university.

He also donated $12 million to Greenwich Country Day School in Connecticut. He was a student there where his mother was a teacher. The donation was to be partially for a scholarship fund for low-income students, to help with faculty and provide a new gym for the school. He also donated proceeds from his his sneaker contract with his "A Shoe For Change" to provide opportunities for Black students at the University of Louisville. Mitchell was a vocal part of the social justice movement by NBA players in 2020, calling for social justice, including during a player walkout.

When the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the floor when a Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot and killed in their city by police, three NBA games were postponed, which spread to other games. The boycott was joined by other sports leagues, including Utah's MLS team Real Salt Lake.


"When choosing a commencement speaker, the committee looks for someone who will resonate with the graduating class, set a celebratory tone and bring honor to the U."


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