How to get income proof by Govt. Gujarat ?

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 How to get income proof by Govt. Gujarat ?  

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You can see about of income proof. This certificate given by Govt. Gujarat. This income proof useful for a new admission in colleges, Gujarat Skims, Scholarship etc.. 



First of all, the necessary evidence for the incoming example.

👉 Aadhar card of the applicant

👉 Reshan card of the applicant

👉 Applicant's small light bill / variable (go to heavy load if heavy contract)

👉 Aadhar card of 2 adult paroshis around the residence of the applicant (to be punched)

👉 Rs. 3/- Clotted fee tickets

👉 Rs.50/- No stomp

👉 Examples of income received from Meir / MP / MLA (any one) pass.

Signature of the notary by proving the proof of identity of each victim.Accompanying original evidence.


Income Proof Application Process-

👉 Digital Gujarat Portal and apply online. (Go apply to your zone in the district.)

👉 Receipt of Appointment. Proof of this.

👉 Rs. 3/- Fill in the blanks on the front page of the Cotad Fee Ticket Form. Pin it to the other Rockmmont's Zoraox foam.

👉 After the completion of the process, go to the Mamlatdar Shri's Kacheri or Nagkarak Suvadha Kendra related to your area, go to the Talati cum Muntrisri Paso of your area and get all the records verified, get the answer signed.

👉 If you feel the need for Talatishri, you can call the witnesses in person to make an inquiry)

👉 After getting the signature of Talatishri, go to the places where the photos are taken for example.

👉 Places for receipt of income tax receipts. Pay a nominal fee and obtain a receipt for the receipt.

👉 If the date of receipt of receipt in the receipt is missed, then the dates of receipt of receipts of your receipts. 


 Income proof by Govt. Gujarat Dwonload Form

 👉 Click hear 👈

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