Damaged Hard Disk Recovery Software list 2021

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Damaged Hard Disk recovery Software list 2021

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You can see data recovery is used to retrieve the lost, inaccessible, damaged, corrupted, and formatted data from HDDs or SSD. The loss of digital data causes lots of stress in people. You could accidentally delete the files permanently or from the recycle bin. However, these files that have been deleted, lost, or damaged can be retrieved. 


You can easily get back anything like videos, photos, documents, audio files, etc. that have been lost due to hard drive failure.

How data is lost and what can be done ?

During various situations, data can be lost, or your drive might crash. Usually, physical damage might cause damage to the drive. But, sometimes, also, due to logical error, the drive might crash. 

Physical damage to the hard drives causes more damage, and it is hard to recover the lost data. Professional help should be sought during this. If data is lost due to no physical damage, any data recovery software can help retrieve the data back. However, professional service is always better than self-help to avoid chaos. The logical loss of data is usually caused if the files were formatted or deleted accidentally. This causes the loss of the reference to the files. 

But the files exist on the hard drive. The basic mistake that people perform is that they try to empty and clear the recycle bin. This causes the deletion of the references of the files on the hard drive. If it is not overwritten, it can be recovered easily.

Formatting and Reformatting Options in Data Recovery Damaged Hard Disk

Sometimes, you unintentionally clear your disk and realize that the important documents and files have been lost. This situation can occur when the drive is crashed, and the computer system suggests you format it, and all the files are lost. This usually happens deliberately, and some available software for recovery can help recover the lost data. Unlimited kinds of data can be retrieved.

👇 How to avoid data loss from a hard drive 👇

👉 To avoid data loss from a hard drive, follow the below-mentioned tips:

👉 If you notice any sounds and noises like grinding and clicking, then stop the device usage right away. Create a backup to avoid any further problems.

👉 Use reliable antivirus software. It will keep the system safe from any malware and virus. Virus and malware attacks can result in the loss of files.'

👉 From time to time, backup of data should be taken to protect the information. It comes in handy in the time when data is lost.

👉 The storage device should always be kept away from direct sunlight or humid environment.


🔼 Recover data from lost partition 🔼

Professional, Premium & other paid variants of the software can recover data from missing or deleted partition. Using advanced Deep Scan capability, these variants can scan and locate all lost partitions previously present on the hard drive & thus retrieve the data from such partitions.

🔼 Recover data from crashed system 🔼

The software can also recover data stored on a crashed or unbootable Windows PC. It offers to create bootable USB recovery media to access crashed systems and allow data recovery. This capability is available in Professional, Premium, Technician, and Toolkit variants of the software.

🔼 Repair corrupt videos 🔼

Premium edition of the software can repair corrupt video files of various formats. It can fix blurry, choppy, grainy, flickering, stuttering, unplayable, and out-of-sync videos. The tool repairs videos shot with cameras of Canon®, Sony®, Go Pro®, Olympus®, Nikon®, Fuji®, Samsung®, & other leading brands.

🔼 Repair corrupt photos 🔼

The Premium edition also repairs corrupt JPEG & RAW image files captured by using DSLR, digi-cam, drones, Android phones, action cameras, etc. It can fix distorted, grainy, blurry, pixelated, & greyed-out images, and restores the images like new.

🔼 Advanced RAID recovery capability 🔼

Technician and Toolkit editions of Stellar Data Recovery software offer class-leading technology for retrieving data from failed or broken RAID arrays. The software detects unknown RAID parameters to allow construction of virtual RAID for performing data recovery procedure.

🔼 Virtual Drive recovery 🔼

Toolkit variant of Stellar Data Recovery software can recover data from Linux and Mac drives having HFS, HFS+, ext2, ext3, ext4 file systems. It also gets back your data from Virtual Drives bringing native support for recovery from VMDK, VDI, VHD and VHDX files.

🔼 Data Recovery from 4K Hard Drives🔼

The software recovers data from 4K hard drives that store the data on large-sized sectors of 4096 bytes. As a user, you get a more robust and advanced data recovery tool for conventional and modern 4K hard drives. In addition, Stellar data recovery software supports the 4K drives formatted with FAT32, ExFAT, and NTFS file systems.

🔼 Tool with Dual Monitor Support🔼

Stellar Data Recovery software offers dual monitor support, allowing you to multitask on dual monitor displays without the need to minimize or toggle the screens. The feature helps you focus on the data recovery tasks and verify the results through the dual screens.


List Of The Best Data Recovery Software Solutions

👉 Stellar Data Recovery Official website

👉 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

👉 Disk Drill

👉 Wondershare Recoverit

👉 Advanced Disk Recovery

👉 Recuva Official Website

👉 MiniTool Power Data Recovery

👉 AnyRecover

👉 R-Studio Data Recovery Software

👉 PhotoRec

👉 TestDisk

👉 PC Inspector File Recovery

👉 Wise Data Recovery Official Website

👉 Undelete 360


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