Amazing Ways to make Money Online

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Amazing Ways to make Money Online

The Internet has connected the whole world. It has led to the formation of multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. As the number of users on Internet keeps on increasing, so does the job opportunities created by it. 


So today, we are going to discuss multiple ways to make money online in India. If you are a student and can give some time on a regular basis, then you can make a decent sum of money quickly. Though the ways mentioned below are proven ways to make money online without investment, they might not be quick. They require reasonable efforts for a few months.


If you have a hobby like Web designing, content writing or you are willing to learn one, then freelancing can be beneficial for you. Just join a site like and select your niche. Your earnings from your freelancing account depends upon your expertise in your field. The better the quality of your work, the more is your income.


Keep in mind the kind of projects that you want to work on. Example – If you are a website designer, then you need to ask yourself a few questions-

  • Do I want to work with small business owners or big enterprises?
  • Can my ideal client afford my services?
  • Do I have the necessary skills that my ideal client seeks?

The answer to these questions will help you plan your journey accordingly. Also, create a good portfolio. Your portfolio interacts with your potential customers before you. Mention the previous projects that you have worked on. 

Do mention your previous customer’s reviews. Good reviews make your profile more appealing and make you look reliable and authentic. Let’s say you are new to Freelancing and want some content writing work. Then you need to write some good stuff so that you have something to show for your skill.

You also need to build a network. The first step is to having a professional LinkedIn profile, describing your work.Try to establish contacts with people who are already in your line of business. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help. They can recommend some visitors to you. 

If you are new to all this, chances are that you may not earn from freelancing immediately. Don’t get disheartened. Keep improving your skills to get better results.If you are getting some work, don’t hold back. Read this amazing article to know more about freelancing.


 Make a website, pick a category, and you are good to go!If you are passionate about something, for example, smartphones, books, etc., then you can start a blog.

Check out my article on Step by Step Guide on How to Start a Blog

Well, I wish it was that easy. For your blog to make some money, you need to post articles consistently. Know your audience. Write about things that matter to them.Keep your website smooth and appealing. Once you can attract a decent amount of traffic to your website, then there is no looking back! You can earn from multiple sources like ads, affiliate marketing, promotion, and many more.


Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most fruitful ways to make money online in India. It works on a simple criterion- if your blog drives a decent amount of traffic, Google will pay you for putting up ads on it.

So all you need is a Blog. Start by designing your website to make it look attractive and appealing. Post regularly about your topic (can be entertainment, sports, etc.). When your site is getting decent traffic, you can apply for Google AdSense. 

The earnings from Google AdSense increases, as your traffic increases. Keep updating your blog from time to time. People are earning 5000-6000 rupees daily from Google AdSense. It can easily be your primary source of income.


If you have a blog or are planning to have one, Affiliate marketing is a genuine way of making money online with no investment. There are a lot of affiliate programs like the Amazon’s Affiliate program, Flipchart’s Affiliate program, and many more.

All you need to do is promote a product, and every time someone buys using your link, you get a commission. Sounds cool, right! What makes things even more exciting is that these programs are free to join. All you need is to sign up, and you are good to go!


So find something you are passionate about and start learning. Read something about it every day, and in a few weeks, you will be ready to go. If you have some core competency, then you can be a consultant. You need to be qualified to be a consultant.

If you are a student and know a lot about fitness and health products, then you can be a fitness consultant.If you practice something for more than 100 hours, you have more knowledge about it than an average man. The first step of being a consultant is to have the skill and a degree that certifies you as an expert. People consult an expert for their opinion. So you need to be an expert. Well, it’s not as challenging as it sounds.


It gives you a stable platform to earn money fast. Starting with Fiverr is quite simple. Fiverr is an excellent place to make money online, especially if you are a student. 

Just create an account on Fiverr. It’s free to join!

Then you will have to fill all the information about how you like to do business. You will need to specify a job. 

Now I will mention a few categories that don’t require any specialized skills. One of the works is to study the market. Sounds so smooth, Right! All it requires you to do is spend some of your time searching on Google. Present your work in such a way that it looks professional. It doesn’t require you to have a prior set of skills. 

Hard work of a few hours will land you with a decent income. Another way is to proofread people’s material. All you need is to be thorough with all the grammar rules. Just proofread your customer’s eBook, articles, essays, and they will pay you well. You can also start making animated videos. You will need to learn some editing skills, but it can land you with high paying work. Once you start making animated videos, your skills will keep on improving. This will, in turn, land you with better-paying jobs.


If photography is your thing, then you can make it a source of income. All you need is a decent camera, and you are good to go! 

Various platforms can give you a sound commission for your pictures. 

Istockphoto and Shutterstock are two such platforms. Some more websites are equally popular. You can also refer photographers and earn some money whenever their photos are purchased. Some other apps like Foam lets you sell your photos on your smartphone. If you think clicking pictures is what you are good at, you can earn 400-500 rupees for every click. How cool is that!


It is one of the most convenient ways of making money for students in India. All you need is to choose the topic that you are familiar with. 

It can be anything you like, from as simple as 6th grade Math and English to as complicated as hard-core physics. There are various platforms where you can interact with students.


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