COVID-19 SOP Information for the start school

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COVID-19 SOP Information for the Start School  


The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines for reopening ward no. Activities allowed outside the containment zone include reopening of schools and coaching institutes after 15th October 2020 for which the State Government and the Union Territory Government in consultation with the concerned school institution administrators may assess the situation and take a decision subject to the following conditions.


All School and College  Follows this rules:-

👉 Online distance learning will be the primary mode of education and will be encouraged


👉 The same schools run online classes and will be allowed when some students choose to attend class rather than go to school well.


👉 The student can only attend schools with the written consent of the parents.


👉 Attendance cannot be insisted upon and must be based entirely on parental consent.


👉 The schools which are allowed to open will have to comply with the above issued by the States and Union Territories Education Department.

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